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     The office cleaning team were responsive, professional, and importantly carried out all the work to a high standard. I've already decided to make it a regular thing with Coney Hall Cleaners.
Sloane W19/05/2020
     My sister recommended Coney Hall Cleaning Services when I was looking for a new cleaning service. I am quite glad that she did as they have the best cleaners I've ever seen. They were able to clean my two-storey flat in just a couple of hours.
Justine Cryer20/09/2019
     I found myself busy with work and other chores and so my cleaning was starting to be pushed aside. Not wanting this to happen, I called for some backup. Most chores I could handle myself, but some things I wanted support for, and that is where ConeyHallCarpetCleaners came in. They were able to tackle all of my window cleaning so I didn't have to. They made my windows spotless without me needing to do anything. A first rate and handy service.
Denise Thornton18/12/2014
     Curtain cleaning is a delicate process and so when it needs to be done I tend to call in the professionals and leave them to it. That means I contact ConeyHallCarpetCleaners and, for a comparatively low price, get their cleaners over to sort out the mess on our curtains. The cleaners they provide are the finest I have come across and we have over time built a great relationship with both them and the company. They are absolutely brilliant at their jobs and completely trustworthy and reliable. My curtains have never looked better and I have them to thank for it!
     My house was in need of some domestic attention and the bathroom and kitchen really needed a specialist cleaning service. I had noticed a local firm in the area who seemed to be popular with many households, so decided to get in touch. ConeyHallCarpetCleaners were brilliant they arranged for the cleaners to completely deep clean my bathroom and kitchen covering every detail, the tiles floor and walls and cupboards and appliances. The cleaners scrubbed, rinsed and polished until everything gleamed in these two rooms. The work they did was fantastic. I will now consider having a regular home clean service every month to keep it looking spotless.
Kendall Langley24/07/2014
     ConeyHallCarpetCleaners are fantastic at office cleaning! My office is too much work for me to maintain and I've always depended on professional office cleaners. This company, however, is the best one that I've used as the staff are so professional! They really give my office a good and thorough clean, leaving not a speck of dust or dirt behind! My office equipment is treated with great care and the process is so fast and unobtrusive that I don't need to worry about disruptions to my workday! Definitely hire these office cleaners if you want a cleaner and more sanitary office!
     ConeyHallCarpetCleaners have been a real help to my family so I want to thank them for what they have done. My mum and dad can no longer do their own cleaning so I told them about the firm. They now have a professional cleaner visiting them every week to take care of all of their cleaning chores, so they can take it easy. The house always looks great and they speak highly of the cleaner who does everything. My parents get to live in a spotless and sanitary abode and don't have to put themselves at risk so can't say thank you enough.
Seam Burrows20/06/2014
     ConeyHallCarpetCleaners is a cleaning company I've heard a lot about, and I've wanted to see how they can help me for quite a long time now. I bought some second-hand furniture recently and wanted to spruce it up a bit, so I hired an upholstery cleaner to give me a helping hand. The cleaner was very professional and very friendly, and used some great techniques that really worked! She even noticed a lot of things that I'd failed to notice (such as a stain on the arm of the sofa) and she worked very hard to get the furniture looking brand new! I was very pleased with the results, the speed at which it was done and the price was great too! I'll be using this service again! 10/10!
     I have been using this company for many years and have recommended them to everyone I know. I first came across this company when I needed to have my house deep cleaned when I first purchased it. I was instantly addicted and have been using them for each and every cleaning task that needs to be done. My daughter has used their office cleaning services and she is just as delighted as I am. The cleaners pay fine attention to details so even the tops of the cupboards are dusted and cleaned - something that not a lot of companies do!
Lin Wang28/03/2014

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